Право 300 лого

Experimentum in proprio corpore. On my own experience. Only in this way can you be convinced of the honesty and effectiveness of the counterparty; especially it concerns a law firm. Ability to object and get to the point, put everything on the map and win, resort to innumerable sources of information, multiply moments of glory and victories – all this makes possible the creation of a solid business reputation.

We represent corporate and private clients on a wide range of legal issues, including dispute resolution, corporate law, taxation, investment, mergers and acquisitions, antitrust practices, restructuring and bankruptcy support, infrastructure and capital construction.

Continuous improvement of knowledge and experience in the oil and gas sector, accumulated since 2006, allow us to implement major projects in the fields of energy and natural resources, transport, metallurgy, gas and oil industry, technical regulation and industrial safety.

The complex approach combining legal consulting, interaction with mass media, representation of interests of principals in public authorities helps us to effectively solve the tasks of principals.

Play honestly to be right. Work overtime, understanding that at the forefront – not time, but efficiency. Cooperate with the client as an equal with an equal, inspire confidence. This is how STREAM STREAM works.

Our team is rightly considered one of the best in the Russian market in the field of energy and natural resources, as well as arbitration litigation, having earned recognition of the leading legal publications (Pravo-300, Kommersant).

We work for results, value long-term relationships, respect responsibility and follow common goals. Quality, efficiency, confidentiality are the principles that allow our trustees to be confident in protecting their business.

Be in the stream. Choose STREAM.